Thoseghar Waterfall Satara

Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot set close to the little village of Thoseghar, There are a series of waterfalls, a number of them 15 to 20 meters and one among 500 meters tall. The immediate area is calm and quiet, with a clean lake and dark woods in a very unsmooth area.

People return from everywhere to visit the Thoseghar Waterfalls close to Satara in Maharashtra, particularly throughout the rainy or monsoon season. heavy rainfalls throughout that season, and since of this the falls have additional water and are additional spectacular. If you're traveling from outside Maharashtra on a Monsoon Vacation, then we might extremely recommend that you just do not miss the Thoseghar Waterfalls close to Satara in Maharashtra.

One will spot several birds close to the waterfall. Thoseghar Waterfalls close to Satara. therefore if you're planning solely a day picnic, do stop by hotel Maharaja Regency to delight in some nice delicious cuisine with the monsoon menu being the highlight.