Sajjangad Satara, Maharashtra

The term Sajjan actually means that kind-hearted or a gentle. And if the word GAD is added which suggests fort. The name of the fort really suggests that fort of kind individuals. Sajjangad may be a fort features a lot of spiritual importance than historical importance. This fort was illustrious by the name of Asvalayana Rishi since he lived here for several years way back. Sajjangad was earlier also referred to as Aswala gad.

Social Reformers

Aswala in Marathi means a wild bear. maybe due to wandering bears in ancient times during this area. The fort was created by Bahmani emperors in between 1347 - 1527 and additionally beneath the command of Adil Shah and Mughals. Sajjangad was a name that was presented by Shivaji maharaja and requested Shri Ramdas Swami to line up his monastery. Shri Ramdas Swami has his final resting place here. Sant Ramdas was a social reformer, religious poet, and teacher, a talented musician, a writer whose teachings are being followed even nowadays in Maharashtra.