Natraj Mandir Satara

The Natraj Mandir is committed to Lord Natraj, a symbol of Lord Shiva playing out the Tandava move. The institution for the sanctuary was arranged in May 1981. Samanna, a dweller of Satara gifted the land for building the sanctuary. The subsidizing was given by the state legislatures of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu whereas the timber needed for the complete development of the sanctuary was given by the administration of Kerala.

Similar to Sri Natraj Temple

It is a copy of Sri Natraj Temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, in considerably littler size and maybe a want of Sri Chandrasekharendra swami. Sri Uttara Chidambaram Temple was worked by the standard model craftsman Mr. M.S. Ganapathi Sthapathi and his relative Mr. M. Mutthayya Sthapathi. just like the Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu, the Natraj Mandir likewise has four immense doorways on four sides.