Kaas Plateau Satara, Maharashtra

The Kaas Plateau is also called the "Kaas Pathar" in the native language. it's located in Sahyadri ghat ranges on the brink of Satara town of Maharashtra. The name Kaas originates from Kaasa tree (Elaeocarpus glandular). The leaves of the tree turn red from green because it matures throughout the month of March. the realm of the plateau is roughly 1,000 hectare (10 sq. kilometers).

Declaration in 2019

The plateau is filled with wildflowers throughout the months of August and September. These flowers bloom on their own and stay for about 2–3 weeks reckoning on the monsoon and different weather factors. In July 2012, it's been declared as biodiversity World heritage site by UNESCO

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Kaas is from August to Sept. we got info from local specialists that some distinctive flowers (shape and color-wise) bloom solely within the month of June and July (As per first rainfall) however individuals like to watch flowers in amount so everybody prefers August/September month. Flowers that were blooming in June-July can’t be seen in Sept and vise Versa. This place has over 850 completely different species of flowers and plants that bloom throughout the year.