Panchgani Satara

Just nineteen kilometer far from Mahabaleshwar is the scenic city of Panchgani wherever there's no dearth of journey activities. From paragliding, parasailing to biking and hiking, take the adventure activity that suits your thrill level.

With countless paragliding clubs and spots, you'll easily take a brief air trip to Panchgani. This famous and must-try activity is totally safe and is right for nature lovers and other people who like to fly high. you'll either take the essential course and be intimate as a one-off activity or choose a complicated course and sail through the sky for an extended length. Once up there, you'll even have the whole expertise recorded on a camera.

Sydney purpose

Located simply twenty-one kilometer from Panchgani Bus Stand, the Sydney point could be a must-visit attraction. now was named once Sir Sydney Bechwarth, who served because of the Commander in Chief of Mumbai in 1830. A noted purpose for all nature lovers, this place offers exciting views of the Krishna valley.

Trek to the point and do visit it within the monsoon as a result of its beauty is exemplified when those 1st few showers of rain.

Table Land

Table Land, the second largest plateau within the world, covers a massive expanse of land and covering the full space on foot takes heaps of time. this is often why horse riding at Table Land makes it to the list of things to try and do in Panchgani.

Among the numerous things to try and do in Panchgani, shopping is some things that can't be incomprehensible, particularly if you're an addict of leather products. The Shivaji Circle Market could be a haven for the authentic leather product. you'll simply bargain your way through some search to urge nice quality and distinctive styles for a few wonderful costs.