Places to Visit Satara

Kaas Plateau Satara

The Kaas Plateau is also called the "Kaas Pathar" in the native language. it's located in Sahyadri ghat ranges on the brink of Satara town of Maharashtra. The name Kaas originates from Kaasa tree (Elaeocarpus glandular). The leaves of the tree turn red from green because it matures throughout the month of March.

Natraj Mandir Satara

The Natraj Mandir is committed to Lord Natraj, a symbol of Lord Shiva playing out the Tandava move. The institution for the sanctuary was arranged in May 1981. Samanna, a dweller of Satara gifted the land for building the sanctuary. The subsidizing was given by the state legislatures of Maharashtra,

Sajjangad Satara

The term Sajjan actually means that kind-hearted or a gentle. And if the word GAD is added which suggests fort. The name of the fort really suggests that fort of kind individuals. Sajjangad may be a fort features a lot of spiritual importance than historical importance. This fort was illustrious by the name

Ozarde Waterfall Satara

Nestled within the thick jungle of Satara, supplemented by small rivers is that the Ozarde waterfall. This waterfall is known for its large drop and encompassing area. One needs to trek for about half an hour to succeed in the waterfall. Correspondingly, one needs to travel through the forest,

Thoseghar Waterfall Satara

Best Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot set close to the little village of Thoseghar, There are a series of waterfalls, a number of them 15 to 20 meters and one among 500 meters tall. The immediate area is calm and quiet, with a clean lake and dark woods in a very unsmooth area.People return from everywhere to visit

Mahabaleshwar Near Satara

Mahabaleshwar is cuddled up among the Sahyadri mountain ranges and therefore the scenic great thing about the places is that the main attraction of the tourists. Earlier this lovely town was considered because the summer capital of Mumbai and you'll experience a deep impact of British